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We promise to deliver to you and your family, the best solutions for your vision needs, your eye health, and your overall wellness. This may include: no treatment, prescription eyewear, contact lenses, preventive care strategies, genetic testing, vision training, surgical co-management, medical eye treatment (injuries, infections and disease) or referral to another professional. We are the destination for eyes of all ages.

Dr. Sedlacek is the ideal choice whether you have never had an eye exam before or if you have had many exams but are looking for a fresh approach to continue your care. We have built our practice one relationship at a time and we measure our success in patient loyalty and word of mouth referrals, not dollars and cents.

The Eye Place is leading a paradigm shift, changing the way all HEALTHcare professionals think and practice, by using a Genetic Wellness™ approach to prevent and treat eye disease. The Eye Place is the area's FIRST to offer advanced eye care using the science gifted to us by the $4 Billion Human Genome Project. We offer precise and personalized care plans with the goal of attaining wellness and preventing vision loss through genetic knowledge.  We are living in an exciting time that requires ALL medical professionals to be properly educated about recent scientific discoveries that allow us to better care for our patients. We are proud to be leaders with this type of clinical approach because it will soon become the standard of care in all of medicine.
We look forward to providing you the best VALUE with our personal, friendly, affordable, HI-tech services and products. We have a unique selection of frames in our eyewear gallery and the most innovative lens materials, designs, coatings and treatments.

Our mission is to give you the best overall experience in the time we have together and contribute to the community in which we live and love.

People enjoy our comfortable family room atmosphere that includes a complimentary coffee and pastry bar, tablets and free WI-Fi, over-sized leather chairs, and an intriguing mix of our own reading materials, picture books and mind-teaser games. We even have rubber band loom kits and supplies to keep kids occupied. We are punctual and do not make a habit of patients waiting, but some come early just to hang out. 

We are conveniently located at 8099 Columbia Road in the Historic District of Olmsted Falls.  We are in the Mill River Plaza next to Falls Family Restaurant.  We are directly across the street from Grand Pacific Junction. We are in a shared parking lot with Drug Mart near the corner of Bagley and Columbia. (Neighboring North Olmsted and Berea) 



Your experience will be comfortable and stress free. The atmosphere is like no other doctor's office in which you have been. Examinations are personal, detailed, friendly, educational and thorough without adding unnecessary testing beyond what is needed for each individual visit. You will be confident in the solutions prescribed for your problems. Dr. Sedlacek is happy when after an exam he is told, "That was the best eye exam I've ever had." Often patients tell others, "Nobody has ever explained things about my eye health and contacts like that before." Once you have an exam here you will be a patient for life because we focus on building a relationship not a business.

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