80% of all information received on the course is     delivered through your eyes. See more!
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Crizal  Prevencia - Revolutionary Protection for your Eyes. See better. Look better. Feel better..

Coco Song  is more than just frames.  Coco Song is a true philosophy of lifestyle and image. 

The use of natural materials, such as feathers, silk and leaves mean that in an age where the vast majority of frames are very similar, this is a collection that is truly distinguished  Coco Song frames are handmade with meticulously chosen elements to make each set of frames original.

​​ The Eye Place offers many unique beautiful frames that you can't find at national chains. Being a local independent optical we can order frames in different sizes and colors and cater to the tastes of the community. Why look the same as everyone else? Be different!

Some of the many frames we offer for men, women, kids and athletes...

           COCO SONG     C ZONE    FYSH     GLACEE    PRO DESIGN     



 Wiley X


Liberty Sport


PAWS N CLAWS® EYEWEAR is a unique line of eyewear for animal lovers that will raise awareness and funds for animals in need. For every frame or sunglass sold to doctor's offices and optical stores, Eye Deals Eyewear will be donating 5% of their net sales to the ASPCA®.


  Polarized lenses are transparent pieces of material, usually glass or plastic, that block certain types of light waves.  Sunglasses and camera lenses are often polarized to reduce glare from surfaces, such as light reflecting off a lake or the hood of a car.  Somewhat, like the way Venetian blinds control the amount of sunlight passing through a lens.  The person looking through the lens can still see clearly in most cases, but it reduces the brightness and glare of light.

  The Eye Place is proud to offer the most technologically advanced lens materials, designs, coatings and treatments available. We feature lenses by the most innovative manufacturers in the industry. All of our lenses come with a performance guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction. There is much more to optimal vision than the numbers that describe your written prescription. Your vision depends on many lens features including: your prescription, lens design, lens material, lens tint, Transitions, polarization, anti-reflective coating, anti-glare, anti-scratch, impact resistance, UV protection, and edge polishing.

       At the conclusion of your exam, Sandy will explain and discuss which lens options will work best to optimize your vision and match your specific daily activities and lifestyle.

      Sandy is a Licensed Optician and can help you find and fit the perfect frame to match your Rx requirements and lifestyle. .

     Visit our unique eyewear gallery and choose from our collection of affordable and fashionable frames. 

                    Children's Package- All children under 12 receive Free impact resistant polycarbonate lenses with the frame of their choice.