Infant & Pediatric Eye Care

     At The Eye Place we understand the relationship between vision and academic performance. Many students experiencing difficulty in school have undetected vision problems that can be corrected and result in a significant improvement in academic performance. We welcome children of all ages and have special equipment to assess all the same components as an adult exam. We know to move quickly and make it fun to keep the attention of our younger patients! We have a large selection of frames for kids, all of which are covered by our performance guarantee.

     Dr. Scott is proud to be an InfantSEE® provider. As a volunteer doctor in this important program. One out of four children has an undetected vision related learning problem! We want to give each child every opportunity to perform their best in school. Vision is the most important part of a child’s potential for learning and success. If your child has not had an eye exam yet, call us today at (440) 235-8099 to schedule an appointment!Type your paragraph here.