Macular degeneration occurs when cells in the back of your eye are sick and dying. Your risk of acquiring macular degeneration increases with age, which is why they call this disease Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). The current standard of care only focuses on fighting oxidative injury in the back of the eye with antioxidant vitamins, and unfortunately, the results have been marginal at best. Dietary modification, smoking cessation, and protecting your eyes from UV light are all known to lower the risk of acquiring AMD.

Fortunately, there is impressive new science in the area of epigenetics and personalized medicine that goes far beyond traditional antioxidative therapy. Our approach to eye health begins at the intersection of genetics, nutrition, and hormonal physiology. And unlike the current standard of care, this new approach can benefit more than just the eye. We can also have a positive impact on your whole body because our approach improves the health of cells throughout your body.

We can get you started on your path to whole-body wellness by testing your genetics and biochemistry. This information will help us identify sources of inflammation in your diet, which can be damaging to the cells in your eyes. We can also evaluate critical areas of your biochemistry and your hormone levels. As our body ages, our biochemistry becomes less efficient and our hormone levels decline, which in turn, can adversely impact the health of our eyes. Our experience has taught us that a comprehensive approach to making the cells in the back of your eye healthy again is the most effective approach to lessening the impacts of aging on the eyes.