Welcome to the Future of Medicine and what should be the standard of care for those afflicted with migraines! We focus on identifying what CAUSES your migraines so we can TREAT those underlying causes – we do this with simple tests and WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS.

You are reading this because you, your family member, or a friend has migraine… It’s a chronic disease that is rooted in genetics, biochemistry, nutrition and/or hormonal status. Conventional approaches sometimes work temporarily but also cause side effects. We understand that although the pain may be masked, the side effects leave people debilitated.

Furthermore, conventional approaches do not manage the root causes, leaving them to smolder which causes more illnesses later in life, including vision loss. Fortunately, Dr. Sedlacek is part of a collaborative medical team of experts called xRMD. They have a national network of MDs, PhDs, and Registered Dietitians that uncover the root causes of their patients migraines.

Our tests and our personalized treatment plans provide patients at The Eye Place with the road-map they need to prevent migraines altogether. Nothing pleases Dr. Sedlacek more than giving his patients their life back after having suffered with migraines!