xRMD utilizes a patient-centered approach in addressing the underlying cause of disease. xRMD doctors meticulously review the patient’s detailed health history; comprehensive hormonal, methylation, inflammatory and blood chemistry; and nutrigenomic profiles to create a personalized care plan specifically designed to meet the patient’s unique health needs. Our advanced telemedicine system enables us to leverage cutting edge science and serve as the interface between the practitioner and patient anywhere in the World. We partner with our patients and their doctors, so that they feel empowered to take an active role in managing their health outcomes through lifestyle and dietary modification. What makes xRMD’s approach to multi-modal therapies unique is that our care plans not only address biochemical and genetic deficiencies with hormones, supplements, lifestyle and/or dietary modification, but we also restore optimal levels of deficient biologically active substances via numerous routes of delivery (eg oral, sublingual, and/or transdermal). This multi-modal delivery approach enables us to overcome GI challenges that often accompany chronic illness and enables us to more efficiently ameliorate the patient’s symptoms.