• Comprehensive Eye Exams for glasses and contact lenses
  • Infant & Pediatric Eye Care including vision training and therapy
  • Treatment of all eye infections, injuries, disorders, and diseases
  • Eye emergencies taken IMMEDIATELY – no appt needed
  • Lasik, PRK, CLX, CCL, and Cataract & Refractive Surgery
  • Evaluation & Co-Management
  • ALL types of Contacts: Single Use, monthly, astigmatism, Multifocal, Continuous wear, and Color
  • Walk in appointments welcome – always accepting new patients

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Your examination will be tailored to your needs and the reason you made the appointment. However, there are some basic components it will include: a thorough history, measurement of your current prescriptions, computerized readings of your eyes, visual field analysis, color vision assessment, pupil function, stereopsis, eye muscle movement, acuity at all distances, a refraction, digital retinal photos, complete eye health examination, and plenty of time to ask questions.

Medical History

Thorough family and personal information is gathered to assess your risk for eye disease and chronic illness. This will allow Dr. Sedlacek to provide you with personalized preventive strategies and the most precise care plan possible. He will discuss the status of your overall health, systemic conditions, medications, social history, work demands, hobbies, and history of any eye surgeries or previous eye conditions. Most importantly, he will address any questions or concerns you have regarding the current state of your vision and eye health.

  • Current Glasses & Contact Lens Prescriptions: We will measure your glasses and inquire about your contact lenses so we may better answer your questions about any changes found with your prescription during your appointment.
  • Auto-Refraction & Keratometry: A computerized analysis of your focusing system (the power of your eyes) and measurement of the shape of the front surface of your cornea (keratometry).
  • Visual Field Analysis: This may detect possible problems in your central and peripheral vision. Changes in your visual fields can indicate potentially serious medical conditions (i.e. tumors, MS, stroke, glaucoma) that will benefit from early detection and treatment.
  • Color Vision Test: Your color vision will be assessed by administering the Ishihara Color Vision Test. Color vision defects can be detected even in young toddlers. Most color vision problems affect males but can also be a side effect of some systemic medications and present with some eye diseases.
  • Pupil Response: Your pupils are tested for light reactivity, symmetry in size and shape and overall function which can be altered by systemic or eye diseases, trauma, and even certain medications.
  • Stereopsis Function: Your ability to see 3-D or depth perception is measured using our Random Dot Test. This test can provide valuable information regarding the ability of your eyes to work well together (good binocularity).
  • Eye Muscle Movements and Tracking Ability: Your eyes are evaluated for misalignment, convergence, coordination, and tracking. Their ability to track smoothly together is a necessary skill for efficient reading. Many school children that have difficulty reading have underlying eye conditions that can be treated and result in improved academic performance.
  • Vision & Refraction: Measure the current status of your prescription, how your eyes exert and relax their focusing ability, and how well you see at far, near and intermediate distances. This portion of the exam also takes into account your occupation, lifestyle, sports, and hobby needs because they relate to your specific eye wear needs.
  • Retinal Photographs: Panoramic digital photos of your retinas are used to help detect abnormalities earlier and follow changes accurately over time.
  • Anterior Eye Health Examination: Examine the structures in the front part of the eye: eyelids, eyelashes, sclera (white part of eye), iris, cornea and lens. Common findings include lid bumps, redness and swelling, dry eye, problems from improper use of contacts and cataracts.
  • Posterior Eye Health Examination: Examine the structures in the back part of the eye looking for evidence of glaucoma, bleeding, floaters, macular degeneration, tears, detachments, and tumors or evidence of other systemic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, among others.

Infant & Pediatric Eye Care

At The Eye Place we understand the relationship between vision and academic performance. Unfortunately, 1 out of 4 students in school has an undetected vision problem. These are correctable when caught early and would result in a significant improvement in academic performance and behavior. We welcome children of all ages and have special equipment to assess them. Dr. Sedlacek truly enjoys kids and spends countless hours in area schools volunteering. He has a special knack with students and knows how to make their exam fun! He has been known to perform magic, juggle, and he even gives out stuffed animals and pencils to his young patients. Our office is kid-friendly in every room and we offer plenty of activities to keep them occupied even when they are not the patient! We have plenty of frames for kids, fit contact lenses on them when appropriate and offer advanced vision therapy services when indicated.

Dr. Scott is proud to be an InfantSEE provider and Realeyes presenter in the Olmsted Falls Schools. As a volunteer doctor for these important programs he educates students about the importance of their vision, how their eyes work, and how to take care of their eyes. Vision is critical for a child to reach their full potential for success in learning. If your child has never had an eye exam, please do not delay, call us today and schedule an appointment (440) 235-8099.

Eye Injuries, Eye Infections

If you have a red eye, infection, injury, or a foreign object in your eye, we have all the necessary instruments and equipment to take care of you. Don’t wait for hours in the ER when you can call Dr. Scott, an eye doctor with extensive trauma and injury training and experience, to assist you immediately without an appointment. He has special numbing drops and other treatment drops to put in your eyes the moment you arrive. Call our office when you are on the way and we will be ready to see you when you arrive.

Contact Lens Services

The Eye Place utilizes the largest and most complete selection of contact lens brands and types any where. We keep thousands of diagnostic trials in stock to eliminate the need for ordering them during the initial trial period. Dr. Sedlacek makes every effort to find the best contact lens for you. Comfort, vision, eye health, cost and lens care are things you will discuss with him during the fitting process. We offer Continuous Wear lenses that may be worn for up to 30 days, Single-use Daily Disposable lenses, Astigmatism lenses to correct your vision precisely, Multi-focal Lenses to reduce or eliminate your need for reading glasses, Rigid lenses for keratoconus and special prescriptions, and Colored Contacts for enhancing eye color. The contact lens companies we get our products from are the well known manufacturers like Bausch & Lomb, Vistakon, CIBA, and Cooper Vision.

We provide one-on-one training and instruction to first time wearers to make sure they are comfortable inserting, removing, cleaning and replacing their contacts properly. Our prices are competitive and we have our own on-line web store for your convenience. We also offer manufacturer rebates when you purchase an annual supply of contact lenses which no other on-line retailer can offer. Dr. Sedlacek has success fitting patients in contacts that have tried over and over with previous eye doctors and been unsuccessful. He specializes in the “tough to fit” patients. If you are motivated enough to try contacts again, he will be patient enough to find the ones that work for you.

Spectacle Lens Technology

The Eye Place is proud to offer the most technologically advanced lens materials and designs available. We feature lenses by the most innovative lens manufacturers in the industry including: Essilor, Hoya, Pentax, Seiko, Shamir, Sola, Vision-Ease, and Zeiss. All of our lenses come with a performance guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction. There is much more to optimal vision than just the power numbers of the prescription. The quality of your vision depends on many other factors including: lens design, lens material, lens tint, Transitions, polarization, anti-reflective treatment, anti-glare filters, anti-scratch properties, impact resistance, UV protection, and edge polishing.

With the great number of lens options available Sandy makes choosing the optimal lens for your individual vision needs an easy task. Have you been to an optical store that confused you with fancy vocabulary. That will not happen at The Eye Place. We continually evaluate the latest lens designs available and have developed a system to make the lens selection process easier for you. Our lens packages are specific to your personal needs. At the conclusion of your exam, Sandy will take all the time necessary to explain which lens options will be best to optimize your vision and fit into your budget regardless of what it is. The value we offer can not be matched any where else.

Sports Vision

As an athlete, Dr. Scott takes a special interest in enhancing the performance of other athletes. There are many technologies available to enhance performance such as special lens tints for specific sports, shape and wrap of lenses, choice of lens materials, sport specific eyewear such as goggles, floating frames, scuba masks, safety eyewear and specialty contact lenses.


80% of all information received on the course is delivered through your eyes. See more! Play Better! Official Adidas Golf Eyewear available only at THE EYE PLACE. Stop in any time to try these on and get a full education about the technology that goes into these high-performance lenses. Do not forget about your eye’s equipment when golfing – its not just about your balls and clubs, its your vision that can elevate your game.

LASIK Evaluation & Surgical Co-Management

Don’t trust just anyone to counsel you about having different types of surgeries on your eyes. Dr. Sedlacek works closely with the best local eye surgeons to provide the best chance of an optimal outcome. LASIK and PRK are both safe procedures that can be beneficial to many people, but they are not for everyone. During the course of your comprehensive eye examination, we will take many measurements and evaluate your eyes to determine if you are a good candidate for any type refractive surgery. For our patients that choose to have surgery, we provide you with expert post-operative care and your annual comprehensive vision and eye health examinations thereafter. Dr. Scott has extensive experience co-managing refractive surgery since 1998.

Cataract Assessment & Surgical Co-Management

Cataracts are mostly from an aging process that causes the lens of the eye to become cloudy. Patients with cataracts experience a loss of visual clarity, increased sensitivity to glare and frequent changes in their prescription. During every patient’s comprehensive eye examination, Dr. Scott evaluates the health and clarity of the lenses in the eye, using a state-of-the art slit lamp microscope. Should cataract surgery be indicated, you will be referred to one of our trusted local surgical partners. After the cataract surgery, Dr. Scott will provide your post-surgical care to make sure you heal properly and monitor your vision prescription afterwards.

Diabetic Eye Disease

It is crucial for patients with diabetes to have an annual eye examination to assess the health of their eyes. Many steps can be taken to prevent blindness including genetic testing, taking targeted nutraceuticals, and eating properly. Sometimes medication, injections, laser treatments and other surgical options are necessary. Unfortunately, many patients do not have any symptoms and are not aware of vision problems at first, so they do not have regular eye health examinations. When detected and treated early, vision loss can be prevented and the progression of vision loss slowed. Dr. Scott will talk to you about all your options with the primary goal of preventing vision loss. A report may be sent to your Primary Care Physician and/or Endocrinologist to report any significant findings. By working in conjunction with your other physicians, you receive continuity of care.

Glaucoma Detection & Management

We screen every patient for pressure-related eye problems including glaucoma. Early detection is the key to prevent vision loss. Dr. Scott will tell you about your pressure readings and explain how your medical history and general health may impact your eye pressure. He will go over strategies to keep your eye pressure at an optimal level including genetic testing, eye drops, the use of targeted nutraceuticals, and eating properly. Dr. Scott will discuss with you if there is a need for more advanced testing or treatment including surgery. We work with the area’sbest glaucoma specialists when surgery is indicated.