Order Contacts

Dr. Scott Sedlacek has 20+ years of expertise fitting all types of contact lenses. He truly enjoys positively changing the lives of his patients by having them experience wearing contact lenses for the first time. He also prides himself on being able to successfully fit patients in contact lenses that have been told elsewhere, or in the past that it was not possible to wear them. His desire is not just to sell you some boxes of contacts, but to fit his contact lens patients with comfortable, clear, healthy lenses that they love wearing.

We keep thousands of diagnostic trial lenses in stock in order to be able to immediately put contacts on patients without the need to special order them. We prescribe all categories of lenses and will always find the ones that are best for your needs. We have them all – Continuous Wear, Daily Disposable, Astigmatism, Multi-focal, Color lenses, Transition lenses, and Myopia Control lenses. We have partnered with all the best contact lens companies including Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Cooper Vision, Vistakon, and even advanced specialty companies like Visioneering Technologies.

We also provide the necessary one-on-one teaching classes for all of our new wearers. During this educational instruction time we make sure you are comfortable inserting, removing, and knowing how to care for your lenses properly. Patients are instructed about what to do and not do. Specific details are given to each patient about their proper wearing schedule, swimming in lenses, sleeping in lenses, and what warning signs to look for to prevent contact lens related eye health problems.

Our prices are usually the lowest you will find, and are always below manufacturer’s suggested prices. We also have the best 1-year supply rebates, and no charge shipping direct to you from our own online web store.

Ask us if contact lenses are an option for you or your family!

We have all types of contacts for you:

  • 1-Day
  • 2-Week
  • 1-Month
  • Continuous Wear
  • Astigmatism
  • Multi-focal
  • Colors
  • Transition Tint
  • Costume
  • Myopia Control